College Pick Em’ Game

This page will be updated after each week during the college football season.

Welcome to the page for Mountain West Connection’s Pick Em’ game! This page will give you all the information you need regarding the game. Any rule questioning? Find the rules here. Want to know what the standings currently are? You’ve come to the right place. Not sure what the games are for this week? Well what do you know, we have that too. Just go ahead and search for the information you are looking for on this page, all of it should be below.

Full Standings

Overall Scores (Total)

Overall Scores (MWC)

Week 1 Picks

Week 2 Picks

Week 3 Picks

This Week’s Games

! indicates a Non MWC-affiliated game.

San Diego State @ Michigan
Portland State @ TCU
Tennessee State @ Air Force
! Arkansas @ Alabama
! Oklahoma State @ Texas A&M
Fresno State @ Idaho
Sam Houston State @ New Mexico
Nevada @ Texas Tech
Nebraska @ Wyoming
! LSU @ West Virginia
Tulsa @ Boise State
Colorado State @ Utah State
Southern Utah @ UNLV

Week 2 Bonus/Tiebreaker: Score in Oklahoma State @ Texas A&M game


  1. Picks will be due every week by the kickoff of the first game played
  2. Because we all have lives, it may be difficult for everyone to post every week. As such, 2 weeks will be dropped from everyone’s final score at the end of the season. They can either be your worst week (say, you go 4-9), or a week where you simply couldn’t get your picks in on time.
  3. There will be a regular season (the college football regualar season) and a playoff (bowl season). The playoff will consist of the top 8 contestants, and all picks will be due before the designated period (bowl season will be broken down into weeks: think like NCAA on the PS3/X-Box). The playoffs will be single-elimination head-to-head match-ups, with tiebreakers determined by the score of that week’s top match-up, as determined by the league commissioner.
  4. There will be two major awards at season’s end, which will be of equal value: The Premiership and the Cup Championship. There will also be a Plate Championship for those who don’t make the Cup playoffs, or who simply want to play along in a Bowl Pick ‘Em without the wear and tear of the regular season.
    The Premiership will go to the person who has the highest score throughout the regular season *and* the playoffs. This is unlike premierships in sporting leagues, which generally encompass only the regular season.
    The Cup Championship will go to the person who wins the playoff, which is a single-elimination head-to-head match-up.
    The Plate Championship will go the person with the best overall bowl season record who did not make the playoffs. Plate Championship eligibility is open to anyone who wants to play: they don’t have to be a part of the regular season.
  5. There will be 13 games per week. All games regarding MWC-affiliated* teams are already considered part of the picking slate since this is a game for a Mountain West site. The other games will be filled out by the best games for that week from other leagues.
  6. A weekly win gives you a tiebreaking point in the overall standings. The tiebreaking system for each week goes as follows: A) Overall record for that week. B) MWC Record for that week. C) Picking the tiebreaker score correctly. Each week, the toughest game to pick(determined by the league comissioner) will be the game in which the tiebreaker score is picked. The person with the closest margin wins the tiebreaker. By itself, winning the tiebreaker score gives you a bonus point in the “Bonus” column. A weekly win gives you a point in the 1st place finish column.
  7. Standings will be determined by number of wins in a given week, not by win/loss percentage. Thus, if someone submits their picks late, they’re not rewarded for having a better win/loss percentage than someone who incorrectly picked on-time. When wins are equal/tied, the standings will be determined by the bonus points from tie-breakers. Only 1 person is given the bonus point for a tie-breaker each week, but weekly standings will also be determined by the previous week’s tiebreaker (if necessary).
  8. The regular season for the Pick Em’ game officially ends on Thanksgiving weekend. After the regular season ends, there is still Championship Week, which is used as a play-in/seeding round. Basically, the regular season up to that point determines who gets automatic qualification into the playoffs. Those 7 will use the entire regular season’s results to determine seeding for the playoffs, which go on during bowl season.
  9. The eighth and final spot in the playoffs is considered the playoff spot. Anyone who has played for at least half the season (7 weeks) is eligible to win the play-in spot. When determining who gets the play-in spot, only the record for Championship Week is considered. i.e. You could go 1-12 in each of the other 13 weeks, but if you have the best record for Championship Week out of the participants fighting for the playoff spot, you make it in.
  10. Picks must be made on the weekly post over at the mothership (
  11. The league commissioner will decide all disputes that may arise from a lack of clarity in the rulebooks, and will issue final verdicts based on the debating of the rules in the comments section. Verdicts may be overturned by a 2/3 majority of voters in a poll.

* – MWC-affiliated also includes any future members of the Mountain West Conference.

If there are any disputes as to the rules, standings, or this week’s games, just send us an e-mail at

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